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Amazing !! A magician dropping dove illusions – How did he do this ?


A magician dropping dove illusions

I have seen so many magicians performing live on the stage in front of huge audience but Darcy Oake is different and has some serious and incredible talent. He performed on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent 2014 and left everyone speechless. He dropped dove illusions and everybody was like, Wow ! This is the only performance video from Britain’s Got Talent 2014, which has millions of YouTube views and about more than 50,000 likes. I am really surprised, how did he do this ? I found it quite interesting and entertaining, hence i am sharing it with you guys.

In the beginning Darcy comes on the stage and tells his name and region of living when asked by one of the judges. Then he starts his performance. He makes doves appear out of nowhere and keeps them in a cage partially covered with a black clothe. He also has an even bigger trick up his sleeve. He makes four doves appear and two little sparrows and two more cages. The best part is when little sparrow goes inside the cage he makes appear from nowhere. He hands it over to another man and then he does something really incredible. He covers the cage in which all four doves are placed, with a black cloth. Then he lifts this cage up and surprisingly a beautiful girl appears. He leaves everybody stunned and surprised. These are just tricks but he has performed so beautifully and neatly, that it all looks like a real magic.

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He is really an amazing guy. He tells that he is from Canada and he has come to England only for this show. He has been doing all this since his childhood. His childhood clips are also shown in this video. He is 26 now and he dreamed about becoming a doctor but his parents insisted to become a magician. He is specialized in illusions. He used to play with cards along with his father when he was a kid. Those card tricks by his father have inspired him in his life to become an illusionist. He tells that he want to perform on a global scale that’s why he has come on this talent show. We wish him all the best for his future.

Thanks for watching this amazing and incredible performance video of Darcy and i hope you have liked it.

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