12:47 pm - Wednesday May 23, 2018

Must Watch !! A spoken word film for an online generation

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A spoken word film for an online generation – “Look Up” is a short film giving message to an online generation. Nowadays we are addicted to technology and we are missing so many beautiful things around us. This is the first film by Gary Turk, he posted it on internet couple of weeks ago and this short film has gained unexpected response from all around the world. Only on YouTube it has racked up about 34 million views and in addition, it has received about 2,57,568 likes as well, highest for any short video on YouTube. People are sharing it on their Facebook pages with their friends. This short film has gone viral on internet.

Even i got to know about this video from my friends, hence, i have shared it with you guys. This is a kind of short love story teaching us a lesson of life. This film shows, what’s happening in our life today. We are connected with our friends but only via technology, social network sites and through mobile phones. We meet out friends on computers and we chat with them but we never meet them personally. We have friends on internet, but we do not know them. We open our computers to connect with friends but we shut our doors. Now we are alone in the crowd. Many years ago, children used to play in parks with friends and family members but today even children love to spend their time with their cell phones, computers and play stations. The video shows a man walking on the street seeking for an address. If he would not have mobile phone then he would ask someone for help, may be girl. That girl would have fell in love with him, they would get married and have children but because of technology he does not ask anyone for help. He simply uses the technology and finds the address. The film gives us a message to reduce the use of technology and spend time with people. Just look up from your cell phones and look at the public around you and talk to them, make friends and spend time with them.

By going closer to the technology, we are going away from our life. Life is not just about happening in this world, but living in this world and experiencing it. So just reduce using technology and try not to carry your cell phone along and just try to meet people, definitely you will feel better.

It’s Written, Performed and Directed by Gary Turk. Featuring Louise Ludlam & Stuart Darnley. Sound engineering by Daniel Cobb and original score by New Desert Blues.

Thanks for watching this beautiful short film video and i hope you guys loved it and will try to live your life.

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