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OMG !! Baltimore landslide swallows cars


Baltimore landslide swallows cars-This is the real footage of Baltimore landslide which swallows several cars. This landslide happened on April 30, 2014 because of heavy rain in Baltimore. The heavy storm dumped more than four inches of rain on the city and the day after landslide pulled the cars in. Within few days around 8 million people have watched this video on YouTube and they are sharing it with the people in their contact circle. This footage is really scary but fortunately on one was hurt on that day during landslide.Baltimore is the largest city in U.S. state of Maryland and the 26th largest city in the world. In this video you see one lane of east 26th street in Baltimore collapsed and cars are standing on the edge of broken street. People have come out in the street and they are recording all this into their phone cameras.

They are totally unaware of what is going to happen next. They might be thinking that this is the end for the consequences of the heavy storm but they have no idea what they are going to become witness of. A couple a taking a close view but after some time they step back. Other people are walking across the street then suddenly a car slides down and a lady starts shouting. Within seconds the landslide swallows one lane of the entire street, it pulls everything in including cars, streetlights, trees and sidewalks. The people get scared but fortunately no one is injured.

19 homes were evacuated after this landslide. Some people say it is actually a sinkhole while others say it is a landslide. But it’s a sort of slide which happens when rain or burst pipes wash away underground soil and make a hollow space. Then the upper layer of the soil slides down to occupy the hollow space. There are other so many factors which cause landslides, sometimes these are natural causes and sometimes human activities. You can watch other videos of this landslide on internet. This video is filmed by Nicolas Nick Nico Reyes.

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