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Best Guns Fails Compilation – Hilarious!

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Best Guns Fails Compilation

The first devices identified as guns appeared in China around 1000AD and this technology was spreading through the rest of Asia by the 12th century and by the 13th century it was spreading through the whole Europe. Shooting a gun needs a proper training and skills as it can hurt anybody. Generally guns do not hurt anybody if we shoot them with proper technique but the people who do not treat guns well end up hurt. In this compilation you will watch so many untrained people trying hands on guns and definitely they will make you laugh.

In the first clip a man is preparing an aim board and when he takes his gun out, it fires unfortunately and he gets hurt. In another clip a young slim man is trying to show his skills to fire a gun using just one hand, but he ends up hurting himself and when he fires the gun slips from his hand because of the reverse force. A lady successfully fires three rounds but after that she feels pain in her shoulder. Another lady hurts herself while trying hands on a gun. Next clip is most hilarious one, a girl loses balance and falls back. That happened because she did not hold the gun tight and the reverse force knocked her down. A boy fires a round towards the roof while recording a video, and after that he gets scared because of his mother’s anger. He knows that he is gonna be get punished by his mother. A man is about to do a difficult job, he launches a rocket launcher, loses balance and falls back. Fortunately he does not get hurt. There are other so many funny clips which have been compiled in this guns fails compilation 2014. All of those are very funny and entertaining.

It happens just because if you have very limited knowledge about shooting a gun, if you are standing off balance or when you are not very familiar with the shotguns. If you are not prepared then you could definitely be knocked over. Some powerful guns if fired improperly can actually dislocate your shoulder. So whenever you shoot a gun, please make sure to get a proper training first.

Thanks for watching this funny compilation and i hope you guys liked it.

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