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Break dancing Buddhist Monks – Who Gonna Believe This!

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Break dancing Buddhist Monks

This is an amazing dance video and everyone should watch it at-least for once. This is not just a dance video, but a tribute to Late. Adam Yauch, frequently known by his stage name MCA. The video is uploaded by a YouTube channel just a week ago and people from all around the world are watching this video. In addition, the video is receiving so many likes as well. In this video you will watch four guys dressed as Buddhist Monks and dancing to Beastie Boys music. Beastie Boys hip hop group was found by Adam along with his friends.

At Manhattan’s Union Square, small space has been occupied for the boys to dance at in honor of the Late. Adam Yauch. They all do amazing dance steps and stunts such as handstand, headstand, head-roll and many other amazing steps. They come at center to perform one after another. They finish their dance performance in style by making different and attractive dance poses. So many people are gather around them to watch their dance and few of them are capturing their dance into their phone cameras. This is really one of the best dance video i have ever seen on internet.

Let’s talk little about Late Adam as well. He was born on August 5, 1964 and died on May 4, 2012 at the age of just 47. He was a rapper, musician, film director and human right activist. He played a big role in the movement for Tibetan independence, that is the reason these guys dressed as Buddhist Monks. His father was also a social worker. He died of cancer, and because of illness he could not appear in music videos for his album. He fought with salivary grand cancer for 3 years but could not win, and died. He left his wife and a daughter, Tenzin Losel, behind. I read a lot about him on internet, he was a great personality and a kind human being.

Thanks for watching this wonderful dance video and i hope you guys enjoyed it.

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