12:37 pm - Wednesday May 23, 2018

Unbelievable fight !! Bull snake against squirrel


Bull snake against squirrel-

In this crazy video you will see unbelievable fight between a bull snake and a squirrel. In this instance you will see an unlikely winner in this fight. I am sure this fight video is going to be the one of the best videos in your favorite list. As about more than 11 millions of people have watched this crazy fight on internet. Only on YouTube this video has been watched millions of times by people from all around the world. In addition, it has received about 12,000 likes as well.This video shows the fight between a bull snake and a squirrel. The squirrel looks more aggressive than snake, and in general the snake is more powerful and dangerous animal than a small squirrel. But this time squirrel attacks on snake and snake tries to escape from there but the squirrel does not let him go. Squirrel catches him from the tail and in self defense the snake attacks on her but the squirrel is not in the mood to him go unhurt.

Squirrel attacks on his head and injures the snake, you can see the blood coming out from the snake’s head. Now the snake is not able to attack her and tries to go away from there but the squirrel catches him from the tail. The video ends here but of course the squirrel is the clean winner of this fight.This proves no matter what size an animal is, it can still be very aggressive. And the reason why squirrel wins is because the squirrel is fast and small and the snake can kinda bite her but could not get a hold of the mongoose or squirrel while its incisors take chunks off the snake.

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