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Very Funny !! Can you answer this question

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Can you answer this question – Do you know the first letter of the English alphabet ? Yes, of-course you know but still you can’t answer it. This is really funny video featuring a participant and a host of the show “Who wants to be a millionaire”. The host of the show asks the contestant an easy and simple question and the participant knows the answer but still he can’t answer it. Watch this video to know what is the reason that nobody can answer it correctly.Terry is the name of the participant. The host of the show begins the show and tells Terry that the question he is going to ask him, is for one million dollars. And the question he asks is “What is the first letter in the English alphabet ?” He gives him four options, A : C, B : D, C : A, D : B. There is a puzzle associated with these options. The audience laughs after hearing these options.

Terry smiles as he feels so comfortable with the question. He knows the answer and he says A with confidence. The host double checks with him by repeating his answer. He checks with Terry if he wants him to lock that in. Terry is so confident about his answer so he asks him to lock that in. When host is about to lock the answer then Terry comes to know that there is a puzzle associated, so he clarifies his answer, he tells the option C. But the host gets confused and asks him to lock which option. He says that first you said A and now you say C, he asks Terry to say one answer so that he could lock it in. Terry tries to make him understand but the host does not understand him. Just because of the puzzle, neither Terry is able to make him understand, nor the host gets him right. When host gets totally confused and tired of Terry’s answers, he locks option A in which gives the answer C. When Terry wants to say something, the host asks him to shut up. And like this Terry loses one million dollars. Even i am confused and i don’t understand how to make you guys understand about the right option and answer.

Actually this clip is not from the real “Who wants to be a millionaire” show. It is just a funny video made to entertain you guys.

Thanks for watching this funny video and i hope you guys liked it.

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