6:39 pm - Monday June 18, 2018

Wow!! What an idea >>>> Amazing Video


Clever bird uses bread to catch fish –This is an amazing video of a bird using bread as bait to catch fish. The clever bird catches fish just like humans. I am really impressed by the smartness of this bird. The video was first posted about 2 years ago on YouTube. Though it has not racked up millions of YouTube views but still it is very interesting and awesome video. We get to know little more about birds through such kind of videos hence, i have shared it with you guys. Just watch the way of fishing by this clever bird.

This clever bird is known as Green Heron. And it is waiting for a fish to come up. It is holding a bread with its long sharp beak to use it as bait for fishing. It moves carefully and places the bread onto the surface of  water in order to lure fish and then waits for the fish to come up for the bread. Few fishes come to eat the bread but Green Heron dips its beak into the water but every time it just grabs the bread back. He is not able to catch any fish for a while. It keeps on trying and repeating the same way of fishing. Finally Green Heron catches a fish and holds it into the beak and takes it out of the water. The bird goes away from the bank and after some time when the fish is dead then the bird eats it. After having the food the bird drinks water as it finds the fish get stuck in its throat.

The green heron is a small heron of North and Central America. Its relatively small and multi colored bird. Green herons are one of the few species of animals which use bait to catch other animals. They commonly use bread crusts, insects or other items as bait. Green herons are easily able to do this because of their black long and sharp point beak.

Thanks for watching this awesome video of a clever bird and i hope you guys liked it.

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