6:42 pm - Monday June 18, 2018

OMG !! Crosswinds can be a real problem

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Crosswinds can be a real problem- In this video you will watch some landing and take-off highlights in very difficult conditions at Birmingham airport . Sometimes crosswinds can be a real problem and this all has happened this winter in UK. Fortunately, all the flights landed safely, few in second attempt and others at different airports. The video was published in March this year and within short time it has racked up about 5 million YouTube. In addition, it has received about 12,568 likes as well.In the beginning you watch an airplane is almost about to land on the runway but the wings start flexing in response to the turbulence. Then pilot decides not to land in this condition and takes the flight up again. The wheels of the plane were almost near the ground but flight takes off again successfully. Another plane is preparing for take off and already running on the runway.

The weather conditions are not friendly and the plane is turning to the right direction but then pilot decides to take off besides the awkward condition. The plane takes off safely but shakes and swings during take off. In third clip the plane is crabbing before landing but the pilot lands it safely on the runway. Other planes which are landing and taking off are moving sideways before landing and after take off. Another pilot also changes his mind just before landing. When he notice that the plane is crabbing a lot then he skips the idea of landing on that runway in such bad conditions. Later on this flight was diverted to another airport. Almost three flights were diverted to other airports. These all were domestic flights. Almost each flight gets side-ward contact of the wheels with the runway.

As we all know that pilots get trained to handle the situations in such kind of bad weather conditions. Unfortunately, we hear some news of crash because of bad weather but it happens very rarely. Fortunately the flights shown in this video landed safely and all the passengers were safe.

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