12:50 pm - Wednesday May 23, 2018

You Would Not Believe What This 8-Months-Old Baby Does!


Cute kid dancing to guitar –In this video a little kid is dancing to daddy’s guitar. This little girl is so cute. The video itself is filmed by her mother. Her father writes that whenever he plays guitar, his little kid starts dancing. The little kid has become internet star at this small age. This video of her has racked up about a million YouTube views and in addition, it has received around 3,000 likes as well. There are some other videos of her posted on internet by her father. She is around 4 years old now.

Dad plays Bon Jovi and her little girl starts dancing to it. The kid gets so excited when daddy starts playing Bon Jovi. The little kid is enjoying the music and shaking her body on this music. Baby girl has kept her one hand on the guitar and with other hand she is doing the same as her father. It looks so wonderful, she looks very cute. She starts shaking her head and makes some noise as well along with the guitar. She keeps on smiling while looking at the camera. Near the end when daddy stops playing guitar then little baby herself starts playing guitar and singing. And in the end kid when the performance is over, she goes away while walking on her knees like all children walk during childhood. These memories are really priceless and it is so cute to catch this moment on camera. These memories will remain with this little kid for the rest of her life and even after her. The part of the credit goes to her father as well, but he is a terrible singer, on the other side the baby is too cute and I believe in future this girl will do something more amazing.

This girl has been listening to daddy’s guitar when she was in her mama’s belly and if we study about human’s birth then we come to know that a kid feels everything while breathing in the belly. Whatever we play close to the belly, the child inside listens to it and reacts accordingly if he/she does like or dislike it. It is very interesting to know about the behavior of an unborn child. It is so wonderful to watch this little girl dancing and smiling all the time. She is full of life and joy. This video made my day and put smile on my face.

Thanks for watching this little kid dancing to guitar and i hope you guys liked it.

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