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The cutest family of ducks trying to climb stairs

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The cutest family of ducks

This family is really very cute and sweet. This cute family of ducks is trying to climb stairs. The ducklings are very small and trying hard to climb stairs to join there mother duck. The video was first uploaded by Jason David about 11 months ago. David was walking with his family members in town and they saw a mother duck with her baby ducklings trying to climb stairs. The mother duck was leading them but then baby ducklings met an obstacle the stairs. This is the cutest video i have ever seen, hence i am sharing this with you guys. Watch this video till end to know whether they make it or not.

In the beginning you see a mother duck waiting upstairs for her baby ducklings. The ducklings are trying hard to climb up but they are unable to climb up. They are just at the first step. Very soon one of them makes it to the second step but can not make it to the last. Then it looks at the others who are still on first step. He looks very cute while watching other siblings and after so many attempts he becomes the first one to join his mother upstairs. When mother duck moves towards left and right, all the ducklings follow her and move towards same directions. Then one by one all of the ducklings climb stairs except one who is still on the second step. As he is left alone so now he looks in hurry to climb up and to join his mother and other siblings. The cutest thing is that the mother duck knows about him and waits upstairs for him. It proves that not only human mothers care for their children but birds and animals also. I am wondering, does she know the counting. Finally last duckling also makes it to upstairs and joins his family. Then mother duck walks away with her other ducklings.

This is really a cute family of ducks. And i am really happy by the way the mother duck cares for her ducklings, especially when she waits for her last duckling, but not only mother duck, the other ducklings also wait for their last sibling.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys liked it.

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