2:41 am - Saturday March 23, 2019

Really Cute !! Dogs saying prayer before eating


Dogs saying prayer before eating


Not only humans say prayers before eating but our four legged friends are willing to do it too. This amazing video features four trained dogs saying prayer before eating and showing other manners of eating food. These dogs are really cute and well trained. People around the world are liking this video and it has racked up millions of views on internet on different websites. Only on YouTube these dogs have impressed more than 2 lakhs Viewers.

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In the beginning four cute dogs are waiting for food on there small dinning table. All these dogs are really cute. Their owner lady asks them to keep their front legs on the table and then asks them to say prayer. All the dogs do the same as asked by their owner lady. They put their heads down and say thanks to God for the food. Then lady keeps the bowls filled with food in front of them on the table and dogs start eating. The white dog finishes the meal first and holds the empty bowl in his mouth and takes it to the lady. Then second dog does the same but third one does not takes his empty bowl, then second dog helps him and brings his empty bowl to the lady. Then fourth dog follows them. The third dog is little naughty as he has his head up during the prayer and then he does not take his bowl to the lady.

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This is something beautiful and really cute which i have ever seen. I have watched so many videos about trained dogs but i have never watched any dog saying prayer before. Dogs are one of the favorite pets for humans as they are east to train and they are very clever and remain faithful to their owners. Latest stud about dogs has proved that dogs have same responses of voices and use the same parts of brain as humans and made dogs understand of emotional human voices, made the dogs as friendly social pets to humans. If you have pets at your place then just try to get them trained like these dogs are.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you liked it even if you are not dogs lover.

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