6:36 am - Sunday May 27, 2018

I would shit myself if this happens to me :)) Funny !! Epic sniper shot prank


Epic sniper shot prank –Some people play pranks to threaten someone and some play to make someone fool. But most of the time pranks are funny and entertaining. You can find so many prank videos on internet and all of those are very famous on internet and this video is one of those with millions of views. As i have searched on internet, i found pranks videos¬†have more views than other videos. This is the reason i am sharing this sniper shot prank video with you guys to entertain you and to make you guys smile. It is actually a commercial, which is one of the best commercials i have ever seen.

First of all the team set up cameras to capture each and every moment during the prank. They trap several people and follow them. On the final day  of shooting a man shoots at some people with sniper and rest of the bystanders scream and run away from there to save there lives. Then an ambulance comes and picks those injured people. Then they are being treated in the ambulance, the pranksters give them light current shocks. The victims keep on shouting that they are absolutely fine and there is no need of any treatment but nobody listens to them and keep on doing whatever they have planned to do. They totally ignore what the victims say. They treat those victims as they are dead. All the victims keep on shouting that they are alive but they are totally ignored.

Then pranksters prepare them for their funeral and close them into the coffin. You can see the inside footage of coffins. Then victims are being moved to a place where pranksters leave them in a room and they keep the coffin unlocked. When victims hit the roof of the coffin and asks for help then suddenly they find that the coffins are unlocked. They quickly open it and when they look outside, they find an add board hanging right in front of them, the line written on the board is ” Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take advantage now. Starting at 1690 euros.” Then other people standing there start clapping and the victims realize that they were being pranked.

Thanks for watching this amazing prank video and i hope you guys liked it.


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