12:37 pm - Wednesday May 23, 2018

Amazing !! First driving dog in the world


First driving dog in the world-The SPCA organization introduces the world’s first driving dog, Porter. Porter drives a mini. He follows a lady’s instructions and turns the car accordingly. This video has attracted so many viewers on internet from all around the world. It has racked up about 11 million views only on YouTube. In addition, it has received about 65,568 hits as well. Although, he may not be the only driving dog, but he is the first driving dog in the world.SPCA has trained three dogs to drive a mini, Monty, Ginny and Porter. But Porter becomes the first driving dog among 3 of them. A lady leads him to the car and┬ámakes him ready to drive the mini. She closes the door for him and then starts giving him instructions. First the dog starts the car using his front right paw and then puts the car in front gear with his left paw. The acceleration paddle has been fixed at height so that it can be approachable for the dog. He presses the paddle and the car starts moving.

He looks out of the window and follows his lady’s instructions. She instructs him to turn the car and the dog does the same. He turns the wheel with his paws without any difficulty. Then he parks his mini and presses the brakes paddle, which is also fixed at height. Then lady gets in the car and kisses him for his good driving skills.

SPCA is non-profit organization which works for the welfare of dogs. In 1888, the agency was first organized to protect both animals and children, but later on, the group focused only on animals. Porter started driving mini when he was just 10 months old, and when he is not playing mini, he loves the play with kids or chasing cats. He has been trained by the same lady, who is giving him instructions during driving. On SPCA channel you can find other so many videos about dogs. They have also told the story of Porter and how they trained him.

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Thanks for watching this amazing video about world’s first driving dog and i hope you guys have enjoyed it.

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