7:01 am - Sunday May 27, 2018

Vets Miraculously Save Life Of Lioness Who Got Mauled By Buffalo!


Footage of lioness mauled by buffalo


A lioness almost had her leg ripped off when a male buffalo gored her. She was saved by the staff at the David Sheldrick Wildlife trust. They acted quickly and stitched her wounds. This incident took place few days ago at the middle of the Masai Nature Reserve in Kenya.

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Dr. Njoroge from the Kenyan Wildlife Trust departed from Nairobi to the Nature reserve to cure the injured lioness Siena who had been attacked by the buffalo just 24 hours earlier. Arriving on the scene the team quickly identifies the lioness as eleven years old Siena, who had recently given birth to three cubs. If she was left untreated, the severity of  wounds caused by the buffalo would have left to certain death. The team arrives on time to save the female. First they give her some anesthesia and Dr. spend almost over an hour cleaning the leg with saline and ointment before stitching the wound closed and apply green cleats to accelerate the healing. Long lasting antibiotics are given to prevent infection. The operation was success and Siena was able to return to her cubs to look after them, who would have struggled to survive without her.

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It is very disturbing to watch the injured lioness in the beginning. This vet team has done a great job by saving this female and her cubs. That has to be one of the most gratifying feeling in the world when you are able to do your job well and save a beautiful creature and therefore save her cubs as well.  The video was produced by Dan Howlett and Edited by Ian Phillips.

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