6:35 am - Sunday May 27, 2018

Haa haa… Hilarious !! Funniest zombie attack prank ever

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Funniest zombie attack prank ever- You may have watched so many prank videos but this one is really hilarious and entertaining. It is the funniest zombie attack prank video ever on internet. Pranksters acting as zombies scare people in the city. They have used makeup to create the illusion of a deathly pallor and they look as realistic as possible. I found this video on FunnyNaughtyTV channel on YouTube. This video is one of the most popular uploads by this FunnyNaughtyTV YouTube channel. It has racked up millions of views and in addition, it has received about 7,000 likes. The video was uploaded a year ago.

In the beginning you see two zombies get down from an ambulance and a little girl screams and holds her father tight. They pull a stretcher through the streets and some other girls scream after seeing them. Another zombie attacks a man in a park and makes his run away, but other people sitting there don’t take it seriously and they are not scared. The most interesting part is when a zombie tries to scare some guys playing basketball, at first all of the guys run away but immediately after that when they realize that he is not a zombie, he is just a prankster then they all come back and gather at one place. Then they scare zombie in return and zombie escapes from there and those boys chase him. Another prankster walks through the crowd and you can hear the girls screaming. The most scariest part is when a prankster scares a woman sitting in the park. The music used in background makes it more scary.

One thing i have noticed that it is very easy to scare women rather than men. In this video most of the time girls get scared not men. I am little surprised in this video many just run away or look from a safe distance. It seems like no one knows what zombies are. I think it would have been more scary if played at night. But anyways it’s a hilarious prank video. But according to me this kind of prank should not be played in a state with open or concealed weapon permits.

Thanks for watching this funniest video and i hope you guys enjoyed it.

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