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Haha !! Funny compilation of talking animals

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Funny compilation of talking animals – What would happen if animals could talk ? They would definitely make us laugh. I found this video on YouTube and it made me laugh, i got tears in my eyes while watching it. Actually it is a funny compilation of talking animals. The clips have been compiled by DJ Shamrock for comedic effect and it was him who first uploaded this video on YouTube. Within short time the video has become so popular on internet that is has racked up millions of YouTube views, about 17 million views. In addition, it has received about 53,568 likes as well.The actual videos, these clips are taken from, are property of BBC channel. The images and the voice-overs are also property of BBC. DJ Shamrock has just done the editing to make it a funny compilation of talking animals. The clips have been taken from BBC’s funny talking animal show – “Walk on the wild side”. This compilation is featuring everyone’s favorite animals. You may have seen so many animals video but this is the first time they are chatting too with each other.


Actually the voices are given by humans but voices are totally matched with animals reactions and expressions. So many animals are shown in this video, monkey, giraffe, ducks, gorilla, squirrel, meerkat and many others. The best part is when giraffes are fighting to each other and hitting each other with their long necks. Second beat scene is when so many meerkats are standing together and looks like they all are peeing and keeping their eyes on if someone is watching them. A monkey inspects other animal and behaves like a doctor. One bird stands on other’s back and asks him to move but he argues with him. The squirrel is making sound like it’s playing drums.

This is the best animal video which i have ever seen. This is the reason why i have shared it with you guys.

Thanks for watching this funny compilation video and i hope you guys enjoyed it and this video has made you guys laugh.



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