6:47 am - Sunday May 27, 2018

OMG !! Ghost car appears from nowhere and causes a crash


Ghost car appears from nowhere and causes a crash


Do you believe in ghosts ? If not, after watching this video, i am sure you will start believing in ghost. A ghost car suddenly appears from nowhere on the road and causes a crash. There are other so many ghost videos on internet and most of those are fake, which are really easy to find, but it is very difficult to find the reality of this video, whether it’s a fake video or real ghost video. Besides it’s originality, it has racked up millions of YouTube views and in addition, it has received 10,000 likes as well.

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This video was recorded by the dash cam of the car moving behind the BMW car. The cars are standing on the red light and waiting for the red light to turn green. When it’ green light then all the cars move and suddenly you see another car coming from nowhere and crosses from front of BMW. The driver of the BMW suddenly applies brakes and prevent the collision with the ghost car, but the driver of the car moving behind BMW could not applies brakes and his car strikes with BMW moving ahead.

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Now people are debating about it’s originality. People are saying that they have noticed so many things in this video to prove that it is a fake video. As i have watched this video so many times, but i could not find anything solid to prove that it is a fake video. But i am not saying that it’s a real footage, even i accept that it is a fake video edited on computer. Because i myself do not believe in ghost. This is just an entertaining video. As i found it interesting to watch so i am just sharing with you guys. So instead of debating about it’s originality, just enjoy the video.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you liked it.

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