6:51 am - Sunday May 27, 2018

OMG amazing ! Giant fish grabs guys arm


Giant fish grabs guys arm

In this video you will watch a tarpon fish grabs man’s arm and injures him. The man hardly manages to escape but ends up getting injured. The video was recorded by one of the visitors there and he posted it on internet. You might have seen this video on a news channel as well. This video has gone viral on internet, people from all over the world are watching it and number of views are increasing day by day. Unfortunately the man got hurt but fortunately he did not lose his arm.

You can see two men are lying on a small wooden bridge made on a lakeside and throwing bait into the water for fishes. They actually want to see the fishes, as sometimes fishes jump out of the water to grab the bait. This time a fish does the same, the guy gets his eyes off the fishes and looks towards his other arm for a while and in a meantime a giant fish jumps up and grabs the arm of a guy instead of grabbing bait. The man tries hard to escape but the fish does not let him go. When he tries to protect his captured arm using the other arm, the fish leaves the second one and grabs other arm. Then he uses his strength and with the help of other guy standing there and a lady he pulls the fish up on the bridge. He tries to stand up but the fish knocks him down. He was just about to go into the water along with giant animal but other guy and that lady help him to get rid of the fish. The fish goes back into the water and that man walks away. You can see his injured arms as there is blood on all over his both arms.

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The lady keeps on screaming all the time. Everyone gets scared except the other guy lying down on the bridge and throwing bait into the water. I think he is waiting for another fish to come for him also. Let’s just talk little bit about tarpon fish. They are found in the Atlantic Ocean. They are very strong and big in size. They are one of the great saltwater game fishes, because of their fighting spirit when hooked. You have already seen their fighting spirit in this video.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys like it.

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