10:21 pm - Wednesday May 23, 2018

Must Watch !! Go beyond the cover


Go beyond the cover


This is actually a commercial about Dermablend cosmetic product. This is one of the best commercial i have ever seen. This amazing commercial features Rico Zombie uncovering his real identity. This is one of the most popular videos on internet with millions of views from all around the world. Most of the viewers are hitting like for this video but some of them did not really like it. This is not just an advertising video, it teaches us something really good to feel proud for who we are and for what we are.

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In the beginning a man comes and sits on a chair. He looks very seriously to the camera and then takes his T-shirt off. His name is Rico and he is a model, DJ and a performance artist. He has worked with Lady Gaga in one of her video. Then he rubs something over his chest and a tattoo appears on his chest. He puts some cream on a cloth and rubs his face with it, then surprisingly tattoos appear on all over his face. Then few dermablend professional come and first cover his tattoo with makeup to make them disappear and then remove the makeup to show his tattoos. He looks really amazing with tattoos all over his body. This commercial is all about dermablend products which can cover any scars, dark circles or tattoos. These products can make your skin look like normal skin.

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Dermablend is founded by an American dermatologist in 1981, Dermablend has been recognized as the expert in coverage cosmetics in the US for over 25 years. And if we talk little about Rico, he feels proud and do what he has to do. He got the work just because of his different look. He says he is different just because of his skin but he does not feel that way, he is just the same as everyone else out there. He is accepted by lot of people who are more different and in the same position as he is. He has made a huge impact on the fashion world.

We should not always judge someone based on how he looks. Because skin does not necessarily reflects someone’s internal soul.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you liked it.

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