10:27 pm - Wednesday May 23, 2018

WOW Dancing Dog !! Great chemistry between a girl and a dog


Great chemistry between a girl and a dog –This video shows that even animals can dance. It shows the special bonding and great chemistry between a girl and a dog. A pretty girl Ashleigh comes with her pet dog Pudsey on the stage of “Britain’s Got Talent” and impresses everyone present there and they both set the stage on fire with their amazing performance¬†to BC-52 tune, The Flintstones. This video has racked up millions of YouTube views, more than any other video from Britain’s Got Talent. It has received about more than 80,000 likes as well. This video is from 2012 auditions of this show and it has entertained people all around the world. Ashleigh dances with her dog Pudsey and Pudsey matches every dance step of her. They both do it with perfection. They do not mismatch even a single step. They do some jumping stunts as well, as Pudsey jumps from over her and passes through from in-between her arms.

He dances with her just like a human partner. They both receive the standing ovation from the judges and huge round of applause from the audience. Everyone loves their performance. All three judges vote for them and Ashleigh and her pet dog get through to the next round.

She tells that her mother gave it to her on her 12 birthday. The dog was placed in a box, you can watch the clip as well in this video when she got this dog on her birthday. Pudsey was 6 year old and she was 16 in 2012. Her mother tells that Ashleigh does not hang around with boys, she loves to spend time with her dog while playing and dancing with him. One of the judges compliments that this is best dog dancer he has ever seen in his life. He really loved the performance and says it could have been more amazing if the dog was wearing a proper man dancer dress to make the perfect dancing partner just like a man. Even i have had not watched any dancing dog before watching Pudsey in this video. Pudsey has been trained by Ashleigh herself, as we all know that dogs are quick learner so even you can try to train your dog to make him dance like Pudsey.

Thanks for watching this wonderful video and i hope you enjoyed the dance of Ashleigh and Pudsey.

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