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Watch This !! How kids react to Walkman



How kids react to Walkman 

New generation does not know anything about old technology. This video shows the kids reactions to Walkman. They try to figure out how it works and they give their views while competing it against the today’s technology. Most of the kids do not even know what it is, expect one kid, who knows about Walkman and cassettes. This video features the following amazing kids !

Cooper (age 6), Evan (age 7) Maxim (age 7), Emma R (age 8), Samirah (age 8), Dash (age 9), Kacey (age 9), Krischelle (age 9), Shannon (age 9), Jayka (age 11), Elle (age 12), Derek (age 13). Most of the kids get surprised when they see the Walkman, more surprised when they know that it has been used to listen music for number of decades.

A task has been given to them, to make it work. None of the kids figure it out how it works. When asked, they vote for modern technology because it is very simple and easy to operate an iPod and other modern music players. But one of the kids knows little bit about Walkman and he prefers to buy it for $200 rather than an iPod for $700.

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Our modern technology civilization will leave nothing to the next generation, but data. We don’t use anymore vinyl records, tapes, printed photographs, even art is digital except some independent musicians and dedicated listeners. New generation like wants the things to work fast or instant, as all the kids complain that Walkman takes steps to make the music play.

The compact cassette players were first invented by Philips electronics in 1962. During 1979, Sony sold only 3,000 units of the Walkman in its first month of sale but has sold around 200 million variations of the cassette Walkman worldwide in its 30 year career. In 2002 discs (CD) took over the music market with 95.5% share but in January 2013, digital sales for full albums surpassed physical sales for the first time and by the end of that same year, more than one billion digital tracks were sold.

I wish to see elders react to Walkman because whenever we see old things, we get emotional. We know the past never comes back and the things which are gone, are gone forever.

Thanks for watching this amazing video about the kids reaction to the Walkman and i hope you guys like this video.

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