6:44 am - Sunday May 27, 2018

Funny !! Kids drenched by water balloon


Kids drenched by water balloon –This is really an amazing video of kids getting wet because of exploded water balloon. They completely drenched by water balloon. This video was posted last month on internet and within a month, it has racked up millions of YouTube views. In addition, it has received about 5,658 likes as well. The video was recorded by their parents, and also the kids were convinced by their parents to lay under a trampoline.

In the beginning you see a kid is playing while laying down under a trampoline. Her name is Janie. Her father asks that what she is doing there while laying under that trampoline. Then he convinces his other child to lay down under that same trampoline. Then three of the kids lay down together under that trampoline unknowing about the water balloon placed just above them over the trampoline. Kids enjoy the time under the shadow of trampoline in the park. They keep on touching the base of trampoline, then suddenly the water balloon explodes and the water flows down and makes them wet. Kids are completely drenched by the water balloon.

They shout and runs away from under the trampoline and their parents start laughing at this. Then kids also start laughing and try to make themselves dry while jumping little bit in the air. This is really an entertaining and funny video. I myself have watched it several time and i am planing to do it with my children as well.

It got few dislikes as well, as some people argue that this is not the right thing done by their parents to the kids, they consider it as a severe case of child abuse. But i think we should not take it in that way, this video was recorded by their parents just for entertainment. The kids were not hurt at all during this act, because that was just water balloon, nothing solid. So just enjoy this video and please avoid making wrong comments. And even you can enjoy this act with your children, just make sure nobody gets hurt.

Thanks for watching this amazing and funny video and i hope you guys liked it.

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