12:35 pm - Wednesday May 23, 2018

Lion Hugs and Kisses Rescuer 6 Years After She Saved His Life

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Lion kisses and hugs a rescuer

Some wild and dangerous animals might do unexpected things, many years ago a lion had been seen in a zoo kissing and hugging a rescuer, who once saved his life about 6 years ago. The video was first uploaded on internet about 7 years ago and til now it has been shared on several websites. It has racked up millions of internet views and has received so many likes as well. You may have seen so many videos on internet showing friendship between lions and humans, but this is best among others. After watching this video you will understand why this one is the best.

A lion seems to have developed a rather special relationship with the lady who rescued him from the travelling circus. Despite imposing presence, Ana Julia Torres was happy to let him embrace her and even put her hands in his cage to stroke him. He was found six years ago suffering from malnutrition. Ana Julia nursed him back to health in an animal shelter in Columbia. Ana tells that he is wonderful and he is very human in living . It’s amazing to see an animal like him so sweet and affectionate. Ana tells that this hug by him is the┬ámost sincere hug she has ever received. Ana’s affection does not stop with this lion but extends to other 800 animals under her care. Many of those animals have dramatic experience of treatment. Ana runs the Villa Lorena shelter for maltreated animals. And in this video when she meets the lion, she knocks the grills of his cage to get his attention towards her. When lion sees her, he instantly comes to her and hugs her and moreover kisses her. Lion keeps on hugging her for long time and Ana also show affection by rubbing his neck with her hand.

I really feel proud of Ana for what she is doing for maltreated animals. Really hats off to this lady. And we also should take care of animals because we are the one, who can look after these precious species of animals.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys liked it.

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