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Speechless !!! Little girl with amazing voice


Little girl with amazing voice


Talent has no age limit, even some little kids have incredible talents. Some people are blessed by God with amazing talent since their childhood and most people get talent after learning and practicing something. This little eight year old girl is blessed with amazing sweet voice. She looks very cute too. She sang “Bang Bang ( My Baby Shot Me Down)” on the semi-finals of Norske Talenter (Norway’s Got Talent) on Saturday night. There are several videos of her and each video has racked up millions of YouTube views.

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She looks really cute in white dress and crown of white flowers, worthy of her name. A man playing guitar is accompanying her on the stage and she songs “Bang BangĀ ( My Baby Shot Me Down)”. She’s definitely over the average skills. Though English is not her mother tongue, but she performs it beautifully without any mistake. You can see one of judges is almost having tears into his eyes. Everybody applauds her when she finishes her performance. The judges voted her through to the finals of the talent show, to be held next month.

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She is really outstanding. You can watch other so many videos of her singing beautiful songs. She messed up on lyrics during on of the performances but she handled that situation very well in a professional way. If we talk more about kids with amazing talents, then i would just say that whenever you think you are good at something, there is always a kid out there to humiliate you. I am sure you are really impressed by the talent of this little Angelina Jordan. We wish her best of luck for her future and it will be very interesting to watch her growing up and becoming an international singing star.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you are really impressed by the sweet voice of this little cute girl.

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