6:45 am - Sunday May 27, 2018

Hidden Camera !! Lose the mannequin head Very Funny ….


Lose the mannequin head –This video is really awesome. Few pranksters play prank on some street walkers. A man throws the head of mannequin on the footpath and his team member replaces that head with a living girl’s head, who is hidden in a little space under the footpath and scare other people who walks from there. This video has gone viral on internet as it has racked up millions of YouTube views within short time.First they show us what they are going to do this time. Then the whole team start the show. A man is walking on the footpath carrying a mannequin, and he has put earphones on his ears. When he reaches at the fixed point then he throws the head of mannequin and then three men come from the side and one of them grabs the head and two of them are holding a long sheet to cover that man, who is picking up the fallen head.

Then a lady gets her head out from under the footpath, while hiding her rest of the body under paved bricks on footpath. She is wearing a synthetic hair wig to make her head look alike mannequin head. A lady is passing from there with her daughter and when she sees the fallen head, she wants to bring it to that man who has just passed from there holding a mannequin. When she moves her hands to pick that fallen head which is actually not, the fallen head moves and that lady gets scared and pulls back. Then she starts abusing the hidden lady and walks away from there.

They repeat this action several times and play this prank on several other people. Each time the expressions of the people are priceless. Everyone gets scared except an old man who comes with his dog. The old man is not scared but his pet gets scared and hides behind its owner. This video is really funny, one of the best videos on internet.

Thanks for watching this funny video and i hope you liked it. And please do not play pranks on someone because sometimes pranks can go wrong and end up hurting someone.

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