6:58 am - Sunday May 27, 2018

So Cute !! Man gives his wife a priceless gift


Man gives his wife a priceless gift –¬†A man gives his wife a priceless gift on their 20th wedding anniversary. He makes a dining table for his wife. Can you believe he constructs¬†it without power tools, he just uses reclaimed and rough sawn lumber, and only hand tools. This is really an awesome video. It has racked up millions of views on internet. People who watch this video, do not forget to write a comment and congrats him for making such a beautiful dining room table by his own using hand tools.

This video was first posted by Chris himself and later on was shared on different websites and now i am posting it for you guys.

Chris does a lots of hard work to construct this dining table. Later on he takes help from his friends, but not in making it, just for positioning it in the room. He has used a lovely music and noises in the background, which make this video more awesome. First he collects the woods and removes the nails from them. Then he cleans all those woods and then store those at one place to make the masterpiece. Then by using hand tools he brings out the beauty of the wooden pieces so that those can be used in dining table. He cuts the pieces, removes the wooden chips and designs the joints accordingly. He first makes the side stands and then base, at last he constructs the top. First he constructs the complete table and then separates the pieces. He then applies the first coat of danish oil to make the wood shiny and beautiful.

After finishing with danish oil he puts the pieces back together and then applies coat onto the top. Then again he separates all the pieces to move it upstairs. He takes help from his friends to move the table. While shifting all the pieces into the room he then puts the pieces back together and decorates it with some flowers. He then brings her wife in that room, while covering her eyes to give her a surprise. His wife feels so happy after seeing this table and say thanks to him for such a lovely and priceless gift. At night they call their friends for dinner and they use the same table.

This gift is priceless because Chris his made his by himself especially for his wife. There are some other videos posted by Chris, and if you want to make this kind of table by your own then you can watch those videos and i am sure that will help you. Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys liked it.

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