6:42 am - Sunday May 27, 2018

Just Wow !! Real human transformer in Ann Arbor


Real human transformer in Ann Arbor –¬†In this video you will watch a real human transformer in Ann Arbor. This guy is really amazing and people are liking him a lot. There is no telling how many people have seen this video on internet. Only on YouTube, it has racked up millions of views and people are sharing it on several different websites. When i last checked it has gained about 443,568 views to put it at 1,444,730 within few days. Watch this video and i hope you guys gonna like it.A human being is holding wheels in her hands and two wheels are tied with her foot. She is wearing a car body type suit and entertaining people¬†on a sidewalk. Some kids are playing with her and giving her five. Then suddenly that human transforms into a car and moves on the sidewalk. The kids get excited and starts touching her suit. This is the first time i have watched any human transforming into a car in a real life. Before that i had only watched suck kind of things happening in movies only.


Actually that human’s name is Joslyn Alana and she is a girl from Indianapolis, Indiana and currently living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This video was recorded by someone walking on the sidewalk in Ann Arbor. She has written on her Facebook page that she got this idea from a man out in Hollywood, CA. The man who built the first version of these suits has appeared on many tv shows. Joslyn was inspired when she watched a video of it on YouTube then she asks her friend Jason Beck to built this kind of suit for her. Jason built two suits and other suit is now in the hands of another. After her several videos have been posted on internet, she has become more famous. Now she feel quite welcomed everywhere. But she tells that only at Ann arbor flea market, she doesn’t feel welcomed. She was informed that she causes too much of a commotion and the management at the market is not happy with her from collecting tips on the sidewalks. Anyways she is doing a different kind of thing and entertaining people.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys enjoyed it.

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