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Must Watch !! Rock climbing bears are more impressive than humans


Rock climbing bears are more impressive than humans –This video shows a cub trying to climb up a rock to follow his mother bear. We all know rock climbing is hard and dangerous, not only for humans but for animals like bears as well. This video was recorded by Stephanie Latimer who is a nature enthusiast. She recorded it while she was travelling in the mountains of Mexican on March 21, 2014. Since she has posted it on internet, it has racked up millions of views and about 5,000 hits.When Stephanie saw a cub and his mother trying to climb up a rock, she stopped and started filming them. The mother bear climbs up easily as she has almost reached at the top but the cub struggles little bit but finally he makes it and follows his mother. The Mexican grizzly bear is named after an American naturalist Edward William Nelson. These Mexican bears are really heavy, large and strong animals. They have an average weight of about 318 kg and there maximum length is about 183 cm, but they are smaller than grizzly bears in Canada and U.S. Mexican bears eat plants, fruits and insects. Occasionally it eat small mammals and carrion.

A female bear gives birth to three cubs every three years.Grizzly bears used to hunt cattle so farmers started hunting them to protect their animals. The grizzly bears were trapped, shot and poisoned. Almost all of the bears were killed but then government came to know about few surviving bears. By 1960 only 30 of them were left and government ordered farmers not to kill them. But the hunting of bears never stopped and by 1964, all the bears were hunted by farmers. Some people say that Mexican grizzly bears still exist, while other say they don’t. A biologist has tried to find the surviving bears but returned unsuccessful.

Still bears are surviving in the other parts of the world and we need to save them.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you guys liked it.

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