6:41 pm - Monday June 18, 2018

Small Truck Vs Sand – You Would Not Believe This!

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Small Truck Vs Sand – You Would Not Believe This! –This is really an amazing and crazy video which shows a driver drives a mini truck┬áto the summit of a sand mountain. The slope is steep and it looks impossible to drive the car to the top, but really hats off to this driver who makes it possible. I watched this video of ” Amazing And Crazy Videos” channel. It was uploaded on YouTube just few hours back. Now you are gonna be one of the early viewers of this video. I am sure you guys gonna like it. In the beginning you see a driver drives a mini truck at very high speed on the sand. The car is jumping and crabbing on the rough surface but the driver manages to control it well. When the camera follows the car and turns to the other side, then you see a brown wall, it’s actually a sand mountain and the driver is gonna drive to the summit of this mountain. The truck goes too far leaving the dust behind as the cameraman is standing at the distance from the mountain.

After some time you see that the car is climbing up the steeper mountain and without stooping or sliding back the car reaches at the top. When cameraman captures the close view by zooming in, we see that when car reaches near the top, it struggles little bit to make it to the top. But finally the driver reaches it to the top without any much difficulty. You can see the wheels of the mini truck are throwing the sand behind.

If you look carefully at the slope surface of the mountain then you will come to know that this stunt has been tried for several times. In most of the attempts the mini truck could not reach up to the top except one time before the video was recorded. This needs good driving skills, lots of calculation and of course courage to drive the vehicle in performing suck kind of a stunt.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys liked it, and please do not try it.

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