12:49 pm - Wednesday May 23, 2018

Amazing !! The original motorcycle dog

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The original motorcycle dog – This video shows a dog riding a motorcycle with his owner Garry Miller. This is one of the best dog videos i have seen on internet. Although, you may have seen different dogs doing different and amazing things but this dog is quite interesting and i am sure you will definitely love it.Madgamer candy technical college and troy’s one of only four places in the country where you can learn to be a gunsmith and it’s the only gunsmith school with a dog in class. A labor dog Pit bull mix, whose name is simply dog. When Garry Miller came here from California to learn guns, he just could not leave dog behind, in fact he never leaves dogs behind. The dog everywhere,  Garry goes. He does not even think of leaving dog behind. And going everywhere with Garry Miller, dog had to learn a new trick, he learned to ride a motorcycle. Well what can you say ? This is one of the scenes that require no comments, just watch this combination of a man, machine and beast. Now Garry says dog is not merely balancing on the motorcycle, dog grips his shoulders with both hands. G

arry taught dog to do this by simply hearing the brakes and making him fall off, dog soon cord on. He had the hold on. Now dog is locked on like a backpack. And you can imagine this backpack draws a lot of  reactions especially on the streets and tiny troy. He got a shades on but when the ride is over, dog is quick to get the shades off. Dog asks Garry to get the shades off but when Garry does not do that for the dog, the dog takes it off by himself.

Garry got dog on a hot day in California, dogs been loyal ever since. When they are not riding, dog sits patiently by the bike waiting and yea snaps anybody who comes near his wheels. Garry Miller says he has made lot of friends, thanks to dog but dog is his best friend. Dog is a good companion and little less expensive than if he goes with girl friend.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you guys enjoyed it.

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