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Must Watch !! Toughest job in the world


Toughest job in the world


Can you imagine a world’s toughest job, where you do not get money, no breaks, no leaves, no festival holidays, no fixed meal time and not even time to sleep. You have to be on duty 24/7. Don’t get surprised by the job conditions, because almost each and every woman does this job. It’s a job of being a mother. A mother looks after her kids all the day and night everyday with no leaves and mothers do not get any salary for this full time job from their kids.

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Actually this video is created by a greeting card company for promotion on mother’s day. They created a fake job and posted it on internet and in newspapers. They received so many applications and they interviewed some of the applicants. They have compiled the interview clips in this video. A man takes interview and tells the applicants about the conditions. He informs them about the designation, which is “Director Of Operations”. He tells them it’s not just a simple job but the world’s toughest job. Then he informs them about the responsibilities and requirements. He informs them that they have to work for 24 hours a day and all the time they have to stand up, they can’t sit down even for a minute, and there will be no break not even to eat food and they will not get any leave not even festival or national holidays and there will be no time for them to sleep or take rest. All of the applicants get surprised and shocked after knowing about the responsibilities. He tells them they can eat lunch only when the associates have done eating their lunch.

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On the top off all when he tells them that they have to do this job for free, they will not be paid for this job, they all just react surprisingly. Few of them asks, is it even legal to make any employ work for 24 hours a day. More about the requirements he tells them that this position needs negotiation and interpersonal skills and they might have degree in medicine and in finance.

They all get surprised when he tells that someone actually holds this position right now, applicants ask about that person working on that designation, then he leaves them with tears in their eyes when he tells that all the mothers are doing this toughest job. After knowing this, there expressions are really priceless. Mums are actually doing this toughest job. They look after their children all the time. So we should respect our parents, it does not matter what they are. Just keep one thing in the mind that they have given us this life.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you liked it.

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