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Two Dogs Play Bluegrass – Lmao!

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Two Dogs Play Bluegrass

In this amazing video you will watch two dogs playing banjos. Don’t you believe ? Well that’s right, dogs can not play banjos, in this video banjos are played by humans but it looks like dogs are playing these musical instruments. This is really the best entertaining video i have ever seen on internet. Though, it has not racked up millions of views on internet but still it’s worth to watch and really is an amazing video. The video was first posted by Cameron Owens a year ago.

Even the video itself was created by Cameron Owens. You see two dogs are sitting on chairs, wearing clothes and hats. Two humans are hiding somewhere behind them and holding two banjos in their hands. They have taken their hands out of the same sleeves these dogs are wearing to make it look like these are dogs, who are holding the banjos. They play duelings banjos. The most interesting thing is, the dogs are behaving just like, they are the one, playing these banjos. In the end both the humans show thumbs up to the camera. This is really an interesting and awesome video. Both the dogs looking very cute and they are sitting calm, in-between they look towards the instruments as well. And on the top of it the pair of a black and a light brown dog is outstanding. If i am not wrong, both the banjos are 4 string tenor banjos as banjos come as four, five or six -stringed instruments.

If we talk about Dueling Banjos, it’s an instrumental composition by Arthur “Guitar Boogie” Smith. This beautiful song was composed by Smith in 1955 and it was made famous by the 1972 film Deliverance. This single song remained at the number 2 for almost 4 weeks on the Hot 100 in 1973. And a banjo is a stringed instrument with a thin membrane stretched over a frame as a resonator.

Anyways, this is a great work done by Cameron, making a different kind of video.


Thanks for watching this amazing and entertaining video and i hope you guys have enjoyed the video.

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