10:24 pm - Wednesday May 23, 2018

Can’t believe my eyes!! Unbelievable dangerous knife trick


Unbelievable dangerous knife trick

Magicians perform tricks to entertain people, they combine danger with illusion. Some of the tricks are just illusion and some are just plain crazy. Everyone has seen so many knife tricks but this is the most dangerous knife trick i have ever seen on internet, and i am sure even you guys have not seen something like this before. A lady gets killed in this trick, not really but it looks like. It is just a trick to entertain you guys, so just enjoy the video. This video has gone viral on internet. It has been shared on many websites and on some of the websites it has racked up millions of views and in addition, thousands of likes as well.

The knife trick has been performed in a room, where a guy shows a sharp knife by hitting and passing it through the box. Another guy is sitting on a chair and enjoying this trick. A girl is standing against a mattress, who is going to participate in this knife trick, another girl is adjusting the mattress position. Then the show begins.

The guy holding the knife, cleans his knife and comes in the position to throw the knife towards that girl and the thing happens next is totally unpredictable. The knife hits the girl in her forehead and she falls onto the floor and then the mattress folds on her. It seems like she is dead. Other guys starts screaming and crying, the boy asks them to calm down but they both keep on shouting.

This is just a trick, the girl is not really dead. They have made this video just for entertainment. If you pay just little more attention then you can easily find out that it is a fake video. But this video has been edited beautifully and professionally so that it looks like real, but the acting skills of these guys are not really impressive. Their way of screaming and body language tells the truth. But anyways, its a good work done by the whole team to make this trick an amazing and unbelievable dangerous knife trick.

Thanks for watching this amazing and dangerous trick video and i hope it has entertained you guys.

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