10:24 pm - Wednesday May 23, 2018

Amazing !! Unbelievable video of the world


Unbelievable video of the world – This is surely an unbelievable video of the world. This video features the best ever dancer of this planet, who is unbeatable. Without creating more suspense let me tell you about that dancer, that is a Plastic Water Pipe. This is the best dance video i have ever seen. Hence, i am posting this pipe dancing video on our website to share with you guys.

The video has racked up millions of YouTube views. This video has been shared on several websites and on each website it is entertaining millions of viewers. The video was recorded in one of the villages in Punjab. Few guys were watering the grass and when they left the pipe free then it started moving by itself because of the water pressure. If you clearly look at this video you will find this water pipe doing some dance steps and moving like a snake.

Just like snake the one end of the pipe, water comes out from, has been raised up because of water pressure. This is one of the amazing videos on internet and i think this is best way for watering grass. In the background few guys (who are not shown in this video) are laughing and enjoying this pipe dance.

They are talking to each other in Punjabi ( native language of the Punjabi people ). One of them saying that he will upload this video on internet and will play a beautiful song in the background. They have shown their house as well in this video and more interesting thing for the people who do not understand Punjabi is, one of the guys is asking other guy to film the house as well. He just wanted to show his house, he says ” the house should be captured in the camera along with water pipe.”

This is the best dance video i have ever seen and i am sure you can not find anyone who can dance better than this water pipe. Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you guys liked it.


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