6:44 am - Sunday May 27, 2018

Haha Funny !! What old people do for fun

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What old people do for fun – This video is absolutely hilarious. It shows that even old people have fun and have a good sense of humor as well. While watching this video i almost got tears in my eyes. This is very old video, it was first uploaded around 8 years ago by Josiah King on YouTube. It has racked up millions of views and received about 5,000 likes.In this short hilarious video you watch an old couple enjoying drive in a red car. The old man is driving the car and the old lady is sitting next to him on the other side. They are listening to a beautiful song in their car. The lady seems like she is getting bore and wants to drive the car. She picks up another steering wheel from the back seats. That one is a spare steering wheel.

Lady looks at the man driving the car while controlling the steering wheel. She temporary attaches the spare steering wheel to the dashboard of the car and starts rotating it little bit to have the same feeling and experience as the man, who is driving the car. Then they reach equal to other car, which is being driven by a young man. When old couple takes their car parallel to the other car, the lady looks at the man who is driving the other car. Then she looks at the steering wheel, she is holding, she thinks something in her mind and then suddenly rotates the steering wheel towards that young man’s car. The young man gets scared and thinks the lady is going to crash her car in his car. Just to save his car the young man turns his car and drives off the road. The old lady laughs and keeps on laughing.

This is one of the best funny videos i have ever seen on internet. After this video, i have seen the same trick used in so many movies and TV shows. Anyways, the main thing is that we should enjoy our life at any stage.

Thanks for watching this hilarious video and i hope you guys enjoyed it.

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