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You Will NEVER Believe !! Python Eats Alligator Time Lapse

Python Eats Alligator Time

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During the fight between a Python and an alligator, sometimes alligator wins over python and sometimes python wins but in this video you will watch a python eats an alligator. Each video of python vs alligator fight has racked up millions of views on internet but this video has gone viral and racked up about 44 million YouTube views, which are highest for any animals fight video. It has received about 34,568 likes as well. Though such videos are scary but in this video you watch something which we don’t see in common. I am sharing this video with you guys to let you know little about other species, live on this planet along with us.

In the beginning you see a python has haunted a small alligator and trying to swallow it. To restrain it, the python is wrapping a number of coils around it. The alligator is still alive and trying to escape but the python does not let him escape and keeps on swallowing it alive. After some time the python swallows it completely and ready to move away. Generally the python uses its sharp backward curving teeth to grasp the prey and then kills it by constriction. The pythons are found in Asia, Australia and in Africa. They generally do not attack humans unless provoked. Females can be more aggressive while protecting their eggs, in that case they can even attack humans but most commonly they eat small animals about the size of a house cat.

If we talk about alligators, they are also very dangerous animals. They also hunt other animals, they have strong body but their attack is more effective when they are in water, because they can kill their prey easily by dragging into the water. Even they can kill and eat smaller animals in just single bite. Just like pythons even alligators do not attack humans unless provoked. Alligators are raised commercially for their meat and skin. Most shoes and bags are made of their skin. In some countries both alligator and python meat is consumed by humans.

Thanks for watching this python vs alligator video and i hope you guys liked it.

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