Brilliant !! Bicycle powered tree house elevator


Bicycle powered tree house elevator-A young guy Ethan Schlussler has replaced the ladder with a bicycle powered elevator to access a 28 feet high tree house. He has built it by his own. This is the original video which he posted around 8 months ago and the project was not completed by then. He worked on this project for more couple of months and made some changes. Anyways, from this video you will have better idea about his project, and the main reason to share it with you guys is to show you a different type of elevator for tree house. This video has racked up millions of views on internet and people are asking him to post the complete and final video of this project.

Ethan shows how it works. He gets on a bicycle and starts paddling it and reaches to his tree house. He has used a bicycle, cables, pulley and a weight in this project. To go up he paddles the bicycle but when he comes down, he does not really has to use his power. He has directed the cable to the rear wheel. When he comes down, he anchors the bike at the bottom from stopping it going up automatically because of weight tied at the other end of the same cable. It is easy to use this kind of elevator rather than a ladder. And to get off at the top and to land on the tree house, he has cut a section out of the railing, since this video was made.

He has written more about this project in description. He has given some answers to the questions which people generally ask. He tells that if in case he forgets to anchor the bike at the bottom then he always has a ladder to use as an alternative. He also tells about the surviving chances if in case the bike falls down freely, he says of course it’s not safe, but neither is walking across a street. And if in case any part breaks and makes it free fall, even then he would most likely survive, because it’s only 28 feet. He welcomes everyone to take the tour of his tree house and to experience this bicycle powered elevator.


Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys have liked it.

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