Wow !! The Biggest Remote Controlled Airbus Ever

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The Biggest Remote Controlled Airbus Ever

In this video you will watch the biggest remote  controlled Airbus ever. This model was built by Peter Michel. It just looks like real airplane and from take off to landing, everything is so smooth and real. This Airbus is controlled through a remote and you can fly it high into the sky. Of course it need a pilot to control it through remote, so Mr Michel Brauer is the pilot for this flight. This remote controlled model has been presented by Singapore Airlines. When i first saw the video, in the beginning i was not expecting them to fly it, but they did. Just like me millions of people have watched this video on YouTube and could not stop myself from sharing it with you guys. So get ready to watch the biggest remote controlled Airbus ever.

The demonstration of this remote controlled Airbus was given in an Air-Show held in Switzerland last year. There are few other remote controlled airplanes are standing to participate in the air-show. First i thought that it was just a small model to show, but i didn’t know that it can fly also. Then the show begins and the pilot of this flight starts the engines and reaches it to the runway. The plane is making huge noise just like a big real plane. Then pilot prepares it for take off and within few seconds he reaches it into the sky. This is really awesome to watch this small Airbus flying so high in the air controlled by a remote. Pilot moves it clockwise in the sky for long time and after about 7 minutes of flight he lands it on the small runway. Everyone claps and feels happy for this successful attempt.

It took over eight months and 5,000 hours of work for Peter Michel to build this small Airbus A380. It is 16 foot long. It is also powered by four small turbine engines. The actual Airbus A380 is a double deck airplane. This model consumes 1.2 liters of fuel per minute and the fuel tank has a capacity to store 10 liter.

Thanks for watching this amazing video and i hope you guys liked it.

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