OMG !! Dangerous cycling tour ever


Dangerous cycling tour ever


This is one of the craziest mountain bike video i have ever watched. These three friends are on a dangerous cycling tour ever on the mountains in Austria. I can not even think of walking on such roads. This crazy biking video has attracted so many viewers and has racked up millions of views on YouTube only. This video has been shared on other websites as well and in addition to views, it has received about 10,549 likes as well. This is a must watch video and i guarantee its gonna be a great experience watching it.

Three friends go on a craziest and dangerous ride on the mountains of Austria. They ride through a very thin road. They pass through many obstacles such as leaned rocks, thin bridges and sharp turns. They film the whole journey. There are high mountain walls on one side and a deep running river on the other side. In-between they stop and walks through the very tight risky bridges while lifting their bikes up. In the end they meet their other team mates and that’s the end of this dangerous road and this extreme biking video.

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Probably this is the most stressful/awesome biking video i have ever watched. Some people just like to live life on the edge where there is not much room for an error. This is some crazy stuff for those who love thrills. This video has lots of stuff for the people who are mountain biker. It shows three mountain bikers riding together, an absolutely amazing trail hewn out of a canyon wall high above the river running through the canyon and where any mistake would have resulted in pretty much certain death. This is really so daring and truly hats off to the courage of these riders.

Thanks for watching this extreme biking video and i hope you liked it.


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