TOO FUNNY! The Most Hilarious Argument With A Bird! This Is So Funny!!

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The Most Hilarious Argument With A Bird

Sometimes, birds are very funny, they put smile on your face with their little cute activities. Whether you are an animals lover or not, this funny video┬áis certainly going to make you laugh, so get ready for fun. In this video you will watch a parrot arguing with his owner and abusing him. This funny video has racked up millions of YouTube views. In addition, it has received about 17,229 likes as well. There are other so many funny videos on internet about parrots but this one is the best among all others. I have already shared a short clip of this video which was compiled with other funny clips, but this time it’s only about this funny parrot.

A parrot is sitting on the shoulder of it’s owner. When man asks him to step up on his finger, the parrot starts arguing with him. When man keeps on asking him again and again then parrot stars pushing his finger away. Then parrot starts abusing him and using abuse language. The man warns him not to use such language but parrot does not get scared and keeps on using abuse language. Instead of obeying his owner like other parrots, this naughty parrot keeps on yelling at him. The parrot seems very angry and frustrated and in-between hits his head on man’s shoulder to throw the frustration out. The man laughs in-between and keeps on warning him not to talk like this, but parrot is unstoppable. Parrot spreads it’s wings while yelling at the man to express his anger by body language. It seems like the parrot does not even want him to speak, parrots interrupts him in-between. At last parrot steps up on his finger and sits on his arm. Then in the end man rubs his back with his hand and shows love to him.

This is really hilarious. I have seen so many speaking parrots but this is one really cool and different from others.

Thanks for watching this funny video and i hope you guys liked this video and especially the parrot.



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