You wouldn’t believe what this man do: Playing football with wild lions

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Playing football with wild lions

This is one of the most amazing thing you have watched ever in your whole life. In this video you will see a man playing with lions. Lions are some of the most dangerous animals known to man on this planet but there is one man who is part of their pride. Kevin Richardson, an outdoors man who lives just 30 miles north of Johannesburg, has an amazing ability to communicate with some of Africa’s most feared predators. His conservation area is home to lions, hyenas, cheetahs, leopards and panthers. He is able to live with them, sleep curled up with them, swim with lionesses, caress cubs and tussle with males.

This time he is playing football with them. This video was uploaded by Van Gils on YouTube. Van Gils is a tailor of KNVB and in this video Kevin is wearing Van Gils suit. This video was made to promote Van Gils clothes. In the beginning of this video Kevin tells about his relationship with animals and calls the lions to play football. He tells that these animals need love and support. He spends his much time with these animals, while playing with them, teaching them, feeding them and caring them. When Kevin calls lions then first a lion comes and hugs him, the Kevin rides on lion’s back. He kiss that lion, he’s got nothing to worry about. He spends some time with that lion and then starts playing football with three of them. This man has achieved part of the job being master of nature. He is doing something millions of people would like to try and never get the chance without ending up as bait.  Lions love their friends and hate their enemies. Simple and honest, with courage and strength thrown in.We could learn from them. The lions love this guy beyond comprehension, that’s the reason people are giving him warnings that he doesn’t need. He will do it all over again.

Thank you for watching this video and i hope you like this amazing and scary thing at the same time.

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