Amazing !! Quick and simple life hacks

Quick and simple life hacks

This video could be really helpful in making your life little easier. This is about some short tips and tricks which you may have never thought of. The people who have watched this video are really happy by these simple and short tips & tricks. Millions of people from all around the world have watched this video on internet and only on YouTube it has racked up millions of views. Viewers are also hitting for this video. It has received around 45,658 likes. 10 simple and awesome tricks have been taught in this video.

If you are having a trouble in removing a warped screw, then grab a rubber band and place it over the top, press you screw driver in and get that screw right out there. Sometimes in free time we draw something on our phone but we find it difficult to draw with our fingers, then there is another thing which you can use and that thing is easily available at most of the time. Just cut a piece away from a bag of chips and get a pen and a rubber band. Put the wrapper around the pen and tight it using that rubber band. Now you can easily draw anything over you phone or tablet.

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If you get your hands dirty while spray peeling your water-gun. Just grab a bottle of olive oil and put some on a paper and rub it on your dirty hand. After little hard work you will see your clean hand. If you are having some problem with your shower head, if it is not shooting straight then take a plastic bag and fill it with vinegar. Lift the bag around the shower head and tight it in the place and leave it for 15 minutes, you will get your shower head as good as new. If you do not have glass cleaner to clean your dirty windows, you can use coke to clean you dirty windows. Just put little bit of coke on a paper and clean the windows, you will get clean and shiny windows. Next trick will help you to make your garbage management little bit easy. You can unseal an envelope by sticking it into the refrigerator for about 30 minutes. Other tricks shown in this video will help you in natural bug repellent, freshen up a dish pad and automatic toilet cleaner.

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