An Unsual Friendship: Fox And Dog!

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An Unusual Friendship of Fox And Dog

We all make so many friends in our life and few of them remain our best friends for whole life. Friendship is the most precious and beautiful thing which happens to everyone once in life and remains the same till the end of life. Many human beings love to keep pets at home and animals become their best friends. Not only humans make friends, but animals also love to make friends. This video shows two best friends sniffer and tinni, a fox and a dog. They are totally different form each other but still they are good friends. Lovely music has been played as a background music in this video.

A cameraman has captured the priceless moments of their friendship in his camera. In the beginning you see they both are running together. They even play together. They have been friends for long time. They both are living on same property and enjoying their lives together. They enjoy what nature has to offer. There is one thing which is common between them, they both are in search of freedom and joy. Because most of the animals like dogs and foxes spend most of their lives behind cages. Most of the time they are enemy of each other, but these two animals have changed my perception about animals. They both are full of life. There are other so many animals who are searching for freedom, and it’s our responsibility to help them out. When we can live a free life, then why can’t animals. These two animals are spending good time of their life with each other. People are liking friendship of fox and dog. This video teaches us a lesson of friendship. Though these animals have nothing in common, they have totally different behavior, but still they are good friends. So when these animals can be good friends then why can not humans. So we should learn something from this video.

Thanks for watching this video about friendship and i hope you guys liked it.

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