Walking with Lions, and Swimming with Tigers

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Walking with Lions, and Swimming with Tigers

This is one of the most amazing videos you guys gonna watch this time. The video was recorded at Limpopo Predator Park located in South Africa. In this video you will watch people walking, playing and swimming with lions and tigers. Generally, lions and tigers are known as one of the dangerous animals to the humans on this planet, but this time they all are friends, playing together. This video was uploaded on YouTube by Christel Stokke two years ago and it has racked up millions of views since then.

You can see people are walking with lions and swimming with tigers. A man is giving them water and playing football with them. A lady is kissing them and lions are behaving very friendly with her. These people are not scared at all. Even a small dog is playing with a lion. Sometimes the dog catches lion’s paws into his mouth and then lion pushes him back but the dog is in full mood of playing with him. There are so many other animals in Limpopo Predator Park. At this park you guys can have a complete new wildlife experience while working closely with some of the most majestic predators in Africa. Even the accommodation is very comfortable with various settings to suite most people desires. You can stay in bush camps and can hear the lions roaring at night.

In the description Christel writes that “Between 2007-2012, 86 live lions were exported from South Africa that went to circuses. 292 live lions were exported from South Africa that went to zoos and 3271 lion-hunting trophies were exported from South Africa.” She writes that not even a single lion was released back into the wild. She tells that the last white lion was seen in the wild in 1994. I checked her Facebook page as well where she has posted some videos which reveal the truth about hunting of animals in South Africa.

The lovely tracks used in this video as background music are ”Wonderful Africa Chill ” and ”Dazzle Me’.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys liked it.

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