You Will NEVER Believe How They Make This Cake In China!


You Will NEVER Believe How They Make This Cake In China!-I am not sure would you like to eat this cake or not but it’s a traditional food for the Japanese new year and most commonly sold and eaten during that time. This cake is famous as Mochi cake in the streets of Japan. The way the vendors make it, is incredible. But this cake is very famous in Japan and on internet this video about Mochi cake has racked up millions of views. A lady ate this cake in Japan and shared this video on internet.Mochi is a rice cake made of mochigome. In this video you see how it is being made by a vendor. A man rolls out the mixture to make it thin and to give it a perfect shape. There are bees all around sitting on the table, on already prepared cakes and on the which is being made. During it’s making few bees are getting rolled into the mashu. Then the man cuts the rolled chapati in lengthwise pieces and paves the cake mixture of glutinous rice filled peanut paste and covered with sesame seeds, on it and then rolls over the piece from both sides

. Then he further cuts it in pieces to make small cakes and places these on other table. You can see so many bees are sitting on the prepared cakes. I am not sure what these bees are doing here on the cakes and why that man is not trying to get rid of those bees.

May be the bees are adding more flavor to the cakes as we get honey from bees. Generally these bees fly from flower to flower, they do not sit on dirty places, so people do not mind these bees sitting on the cakes they eat. Even the lady who posted this video writes in the description that she chose the cake with maximum bees sitting on it. Some people argue that this is not good for health, while other say that these bees add more flavor to Mochi cakes. Anyways if it’s a traditional food in Japan then it must be delicious and good for health. So whenever you visit Japan during new time, just try to taste it once.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys liked it.

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