You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This: Dog Gym

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Lmao, You’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Before!

Do you want to learn, how to train dogs and how to exercise them ? Just watch this video and you will come to know how to exercise dogs and the way to keep them healthy and fit. I found this video on YouTube, uploaded by Dan Berber, three weeks ago. People are showing their interest in this video and the technique this man uses to exercise his dogs. If you have pets at your place, then definitely you guys gonna like this video and it will help you a lot to keep your pets healthy and it will certainly help you to train them at your own place.

In the video you can see 10 dogs are running on treadmills and their owner is encouraging them, you can hear him saying “come on”. Treadmills are making so much noise as usual. Some of them take rest in-between when they get tired, and once they restore their energy, they start running again. The owner is training other dogs and making them jump into the air to catch a toy, he throws into the air. That toy is tied with a rope and does not fall down, so dogs have to jump if they want to catch it. This is how the trains his dogs and exercise them. He writes in the description that he started with one treadmill and now he is having 10 treadmills for the dogs to run on. Now his dogs have plenty of exercise.

Some people argue that this is not the right way to exercise dogs, but let me clarify one thing here that it is not animal cruelty, they are running like other dogs, but instead of running on the ground, they are running on the treadmills. When they get tired, they stop running and when they recover their energy, they start running. Their owner is hot hitting them or something else.

Dan Berber tells that all dogs get a “work out” on the treadmill for about 15-20 minutes a day. Everyday he walks all of the dogs through the woods to the creek, about a half mile away and he treats his dogs better than many people treat their children. He does not train dogs for fighting. In fact he has been active in this community to see that anyone who fights dogs gets prosecuted.

Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys liked it.

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