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Must Watch! Change your words change your world

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Change your words change your world

Even words can change our life if we use in a right way, i know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. By using right words in a right way, we can bring love, money and happiness for ourselves. After watching this video you will come to know about the strength of right words. This video talks about the power and importance of words in our daily life. You can find so many other videos showing the power of words on internet. I have watched many of those and i found each and every video so amazing and meaningful. I can not share all of those with you guys but still i chose the best one for you folks, hope you like it.

In this video you see an old man is sitting in the street on a small paper board to protect his clothes from getting dirty. He is blind and asking for donations. There is a donation cup placed on his right side and a small paper board. The words written on the board are ” I’M BLIND PLEASE HELP”. There are some other girls standing in the street and talking to each other. A lady is enjoying smoke while sitting on a chair and other people are walking across the street. The people who pass from there, give some money to that blind man and he collects those coins and puts into the donation cup. He raises his hand and give blessings in return.

Then a lady walks from there and returns when she sees that blind man. She picks up his notice board and writes something on it on the other side. The blind man touches her shoes with both hands, and that lady places the notice board there and walks away. After that, people start giving him more money, even the blind man gets surprised that why he is getting this much money. The donation gets increased within a very short time. After some time the same lady returns and stops there in front of the blind man. Blind man touches her shoes and recognizes her. Then he asks that what she did to this sign. That lady tells him that she wrote the same but in different words. And the new words she wrote were “IT’S A BEAUTIFUL DAY AND I CAN’T SEE IT”.

Lovely music has been used as background music in this video. I believe now you understand the power of right words.

Thanks for watching this wonderful video and i hope you guys liked it.

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