Must Watch !! How to Make a Coke Slushy

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How to Make a Coke Slushy –With this one simple trick you will be able to take any bottle of soda and pour out an instant slushy on command. I know it’s hard to believe but it’s true. To prove this i am sharing this video with you guys. Even i didn’t believe when i heard this first time, but after watching this video, my all doubts were clear and this video convinced me to believe. So many people have watched this video on YouTube. Only on YouTube it has racked up about 8 millions views. In addition, it has received about 84,589 likes as well.To do this experiment, grab a bottle of soda and shake it well. When you see much pressure building up inside then keep this bottle in the freezer and leave it for about 3 hrs and 15 minutes. This is the point when it is colder than freezing but not actually frozen. Now take that bottle out and just release the pressure by loosing the cap and then turn it upside down. You will see in just 3 seconds the entire bottle is turned to in icy soda slash. Pour it in a glass and it is ready to serve.

You get delicious carbonated ice in style. You can try another trick as well to get the soda slash, just loose the cap slowly and once you open it completely and the cap is off, then pour it in a cup, the time you pour it in the cup, the soda turns into icy slash. There are some other tricks as well to get the icy slash. Just pour the soda into a cup and drop a ice cube into it, you will see the liquid soda turns into the ice. These crystals grow rapidly and again in a short time you have a chilled ice soda ready to be serve. In a bigger glass you notice that crystals are collected on the top, take a straw and give it a little swirl, you will find the crystals spread into the whole glass.

There are some more tricks which you can learn and these all are very simple tricks which you can try at your home as well by your own. Thanks for watching this video and i hope you guys liked it.

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