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Worst women drivers in the world


Worst women drivers in the world

The best video clips of worst parking and driving experiences have been put together to make this awesome and entertaining compilation. All the drivers shown in this video are women and they are crashing their cars in parking area and at some other places. Fortunately, no one was injured in these minor accidents, which are shown in this compilation. The video has racked up millions of YouTube views. In addition, it has received about 10,000 likes only on YouTube. I don’t understand, should i call it a funny compilation or something else, which is sad.

In the first clip you see a lady starts the car and crashes it directly into a wall, then a man comes and he is just like, what you have done ? Most of the accidents occur at parking ticket machine. Sometimes even men drivers find it difficult to collect or insert the parking ticket into the machine. A woman has stopped to put parking ticket into the machine, but she finds the machine unreachable, she stretches her body to reach to the machine but her car moves and crashes into the stopper placed near.

She might have pressed the accelerator. By mistake a lady takes turn and ends up landing her car into water. A second ago she was driving on the road but now her car is floating on the water. A lady struggles to park her car, she tries each way but not able to make it. Then a man comes out of his car to help her and parks her car, gives her keys and drives away.

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In the next clip a man opens the main door and a woman driver is about to enter her car inside the house. The way she turns the car while pressing breaks, i was expecting her to do something unfortunate, and she proved me right. She losses the control over he car and crashes it into one of the opened door and car turns over. She was pulled out by that same man and another lady. I think she forgot to roll the steering back. Another lady crashes her car into the stopper at parking machine. In another clip a lady tries to move her car behind a bus, it seems like she does not want to pay road tax. But unfortunately she finds stoppers ahead and crashes her car into it. A lady visits a workshop for wheel balancing but she puts the wheels into the hollow area.

You will watch some other clips as well and few pictures of accidents done by women drivers.

Thanks for watching this compilation and i hope you guys have liked it.

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